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Celebrating Real Manifestations.  Over 60 Covers to personalize and harmonize with your image. Please check out the entire cover collection @  Amazon.

Inner content same as described below.   



Please check out my collection of:

Reiki Customer Intake & Treatment Record Books, for  Practitioners & Students

( Expanded Version ) 

These Beautiful Paperback Reiki Journals are Lionza's latest manifestations, it's designed for Reiki students and practitioners, but more and more patients receiving treatment are buying it to keep their own healing treatment Journal.

Here is a practical way to register and record your customer's session notes about their treatments and their healing journey, while making sure all the info stays in same place and fully accessible during your daily sessions and appointments.

Colors of cover may vary slightly due to color variation in monitors)

  • Hold 33 Patients or Session Records                                                                                                   
  • Can be used specially for weekly customer treatment records for weekly customers or each page as a record of las session 
  • 100 8.5 x 11 white color quality pages with easy to fill in, client Intake Forms.
  • Customer personal contact Information
  • Brief medical history
  • Session goal
  • Symptom description
  • Patient's body chart ( front & back )
  • Notes space
  • Next appointment date & time to follow up
  • Strong paperback quality
  • Many Many Beautiful Covers To Choose From

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