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Do you need help finding the spark for life or lost your purpose and drive?

I have been there...

Let's get that MOJO back. There is no challenge we could not overcome together.

Let's bring that spark & spice for life back.

Are You suffering from loneliness? Deep feelings of emptiness? a big void, emotionless,fearful, always worried and or spiritually tired? Lost control of your life, eating,sleeping and social habits, interest in life and drive?

It's in that moment of crisis, that I bring light, recalibration, peace and control, resources, in most cases permanent solutions and for sure amazing fast results.

Are you an empty nester trying to find purpose again? Let's rock your life again, new friends, new purpose, new experiences, new career, new hobbies and why not a good sweet love and new beginnings ahead! The best is yet to come.

Ready to manifest the best relationship ever? or renovate and invigorate your present relationship? What ever your life story may be, you deserve it all, its okay to dream again and manifest that Sunday morning kind of love.

Let's make it happen in 90 days or less.

Lionza The Spiritual Therapist 

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I have earned over 10 thousand 5 stars, under the following service areas.  

Get Clarity - Get Spiritual Guidance & Intuitive Life Renewal sessions. 

  • Quit anxiety, depression, addictions, hopelessness with Spiritual Hypno-Affirmations and Neuro Linguistic Programing Intensive Sessions
  • Grievance Catastrophic Events, I help you see hope where you don't see it.
  • Family Crisis, Love & Relationships, Divorce & Dating Over 60 
  • Empty Nesters Rebirth & Renewal
  • Incarcerated Women Re-entry Plan
  • Abused Women Recovery & Renewal
  • Minority Business Grants & Small Business Government 
  • Contracting Programs
  • Life & Career Expansion Coaching
  • Hospital Visits
  • Doula Services - Peaceful Transition Assistance, see the light and give the gift of a beautiful transition back home and a  beautiful passing experience. 
  • Manifest the dream job fast
  • Book a Love- Life or Career Intuitive Reading. 

Click To Start your Session Book the next available spot. Choose the available date and time that better serves you.  Receive your booking receipt and confirmation. Lionza will contact you at the selected time and date or will take your call next. 

Want to know if I can take you next ... of course just text for availability (323) 399-2322 or click in bubble below to instant chat 

  • While I’m happy to mentor you and become the co-creator of your goals and empower your manifesting energy. Our sessions aren't about telling you what to do. It's about teaching you to understand how to always find these answers using your intuition and understand how to empower you, so you can regain full control of your inner strength and powers to design your new life or achieve your new life goals.  
  • As your coach and spiritual Therapist & counselor, I’m more of a sounding board and facilitator, empowering you to work out what you want to be, do and have – and how to achieve your dreams, ambitions, and goals – your way. The latter is key because having space to work out what you want rather than being told what you should do, is the surest way to success and fulfillment.​
  • I conduct sessions in person and via remote voice conferencing, in-person if local or during events in your city, and via chat services no matter where you are in the world. Single sessions are available from 30 minutes to convenient monthly various packages to choose from depending on your needs.
  • Every client is different I will tailor the sessions to gives you the best return on investment.​
  • After each session, I send you inspiring weekly healing Hypnotic-Affirmations, life plans and resources that are carefully tailored to your needs. This helps, motivates and inspires you to achieve your daily, weekly, monthly goals, keeping momentum and motivation in full flow.  After you choose your date and time and book the session, I will receive an email and I will contact you via email or text depending on your preferred communication method and I will call you at the time set on the appointment.
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