Who Is Andreina Urdaneta "La Lionza"

Andreina's  professional career started in 1987 contributing with corporate America,  as an Admissions Counselor &  Director for some of  the Top Technical Medical Schools, Technology Colleges & Universities in the US.  Andreina Urdaneta  "La Lionza"  later expanded to reach new horizons as a National Sales Manager for several fortune 500 companies.

Andreina Urdaneta, branched off to guide minority-owned small business owners in their expansion to obtain government contracting opportunities and from there she discovered her love for helping others achieve high caliber career and ambitious small  business goals. With her 38+ years of experience and over 10 Thousand  5-stars to prove it. 

Liona is a Neuro-Linguistic Programming Spiritual Therapist in Florida,California and now in Arizona, Lionza, has helped students realize and achieve their dream careers, single and divorced individuals manifest amazing loving relationships, in the empty-nester rebirth and renewal goals, in the life reorganization and reconstruction of individuals who have experienced a catastrophe or major life crisis.
Andreina has been invited to deliver her high energy life activating sessions as a radio Host, as an Amazon  Published Author and continues to deliver private level experiences. 

Do you need to release, let go and restart again and need the spiritual strength, courage and re claim your power of confidence to rebuilding and plan your life after a life fatality? I got your back... we can see the light rather quickly let's do it, Let's get together.  Let's create and attract the best life and health experience that we can by using the power of your mind, spirituality and holistic wellness, let's manifest the healthiest version of you.

Are you experiencing a divorce, hard break up, separation, the lost of a loved one. Are you all of the sudden alone with kids in a dark spiritual moment. Together you and I can bring light where there is darkness, I can help.

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I can help you start your healing process and find the temporary peace and support during unprecedented times.

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Do you need help and courage to leave an abusive relationship behind? Are you stuck on a cycle of stagnation and depression?

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That part of you that brought you to my page today is the very part of you that wants to heal and let go of the old to welcome the new TODAY!

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Together we are stronger and there are no challenges you could not defeat. You are about to explore a new way of life and how powerful you really are in a whole new level by taking this step and be you again!

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 You came to this world to contribute with your own unique gifts and I am here to walk with you to a place where all that can happen if you really really want.

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And the time is NOW.

Make 2022 the year of manifestations and the year when YOU cash in!

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Personal Services

Lionza assists effectively in the fast readjustment of one's life and provides remarkable results as a support partner for difficult transitions so that you can once again live abundantly in all aspects of life. During her time as a Business Development Executive and a National Sales Manager for renowned companies such as Minolta, The Walt Disney Companies, Aramark, National Industries, The Miami Herald, The Tampa Tribune; just to name a few, her extensive corporate training has helped Lionza develop a deeper connection and understanding of not only life but the process of achieving aggressive professional goals - and how to utilize the power of your mind and spirit to have those goals realized.​
Embracing her own calling, Lionza left Corporate America to become a Spiritual Therapist. With over 1,000 private level clients all over the world, Lionza guides them in their journey through life. She reminds her students that, whether they are seeking spiritual enlightenment or not, we are all spirits living evolutionary soul experiences.
Everyone's spiritual journey is unique therefore, only they can live it and a spiritual teacher can help one navigate through storms into calmer waters. A session with Lionza is that of a powerful one with Reiki healing, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and Indigenous Shamanic healing modalities.
Sessions with Lionza help you heal any unresolved traumas that are blocking you from living the life you want, guide you in understanding and seeing life challenges from a different perspective in order to find the positive in every challenge, renew your faith, give you clarity, peace in body, mind, and spirit.
​Lionza had the incredible opportunity of hosting a radio show in Los Angeles, California. The goal of the show was to provide spiritual healing to her listeners with teachings about how one's thoughts and energy affect your life, how to manifest your deepest desires and live life in abundance. By popular demand, Lionza has been asked to return for a new show which will be live broadcasting from Los Angeles in Jan 2022.
Lionza believes that the root of all evil is the lack of self-love. Her goal is to help people understand that everything that is manifested both inward and outwardly starts from within.
Grievance Spiritual Therapy Neuro-Linguistic Programming Trainer & Coach
Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master & Trainer
Forensic Healing
Craniosacral therapy 

Over 25 Years of experience as a
Business Development Executive for the Top Fortune 500 Companies.
Other Qualifications:
35 Years old excellency as an Educational College Admissions Adviser 
Certified By the International Therapist Association of London 
Over 10 Years of Experience as a Spiritual Counselor
Graduating May 2024
University of Sedona Az
Doctor of Metaphysical Psychology, Mpsy.D.
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I bring a new fresh life healing & recalibrating energy, as well as Spiritual empowerment and help you find the light again. I can help you find motivation again and together we will co create and redesign your life again there are many sunny days ahead, you dont have to be alone.

  • Valid for a remote or online session via phone or video.
  • Energy healing and spiritual counseling consists of integrative body, mind, spirit therapy, intuitive, in-depth energetic, mental, and emotional realignment and balancing.
  • Resolution of deep-subconscious, unresolved issues
  • Reenergizing you to break the stuck energy and limiting behavior that prevents growth possibilities
  • Releasing traumas stored in the mental and emotional bodies as well as the physical body
  • Release and healing fear, anxiety, imbalance, and discomfort
  • Restore emotional balance and inner freedom
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Addictions
  • Relationship challenges
  • Reconstruction after crisis and much more!


    I bring hope, change and renewal when you thought everything was lost and I do it fast!

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